Habits That Keep You Single

Why don’t men look at me?

Why do all my relationships fail? Or, why did I never have a boyfriend? 
Habits That Keep You Single

Typical questions of single women, who question themselves again and again why their love destiny seems to turn its back on them continuously …

If you feel identified with that situation, let me tell you something: it is not bad luck that makes you be alone, but it is yourself.
There are several habits, feelings, thoughts or situations that keep you single.
Discover what is happening to you to find a solution and finally, welcome love.

Habits That Keep You Single

1. Generalizing.
Do you think that all men are the same? If so, you must change your mind.
This concept that all men are womanizers, liars, unfaithful or shallow prevents you from relying on the opposite sex and therefore, keep you single.
In addition, it is clear that this is not the case. Do not let a bad past experience stop you from knowing good people, there are many!

2. Being addicted to social networks.
When you just meet a man, you check his Facebook profile from head to toe … And yes, that way, you’ll always find something that will make you doubt (a comment, a photo, whatever) and much more if you know him little.

The worst thing is that you know very well that you do not have to believe in everything that appears on Facebook: Appearances deceive.
Allow yourself to know him personally, as it should be, before judging him.

3. Being spiteful.
Do you still hold a grudge against your boyfriend with whom you finished years ago?
Resentment, pain, and resentment of a love failure stagnates us in the past and therefore, no chance to open ourselves to love.
You have to look ahead and leave everything bad behind: the pain of a bad experience also plays against by the fear side.
We feel panic that this failure is repeated and that is why we do not encourage ourselves to meet someone.
We have to overcome it!

4. Not letting go the wrong man.
Love can be present in the life of a single woman, of course.
The trouble is that most of the time that love is not reciprocated and here is the problem; while out there, there may be several good candidates hanging around, you do not even look at them because you insist on the same one.
Are you stagnant in a relationship of “friends with benefits”?
Stop wasting time with the wrong man, as unconsciously you do not allow the right one to appear.

5. “The syndrome of the princess”.
Do you still believe in the blue princes? And in fairy tales where everything is perfect?

Come on!

Do not wait for the prince to go pick you up on his horse because you will remain alone.

Fall to the real world: not everything is rosy, sometimes things cost and you have to fight for what you want.

In addition, the perfect man does not exist: you have to maintain realistic expectations.

6. Give too much, very soon.
You take him to your house, you cook for him, you tell him all your intimacies, you introduce him to your family and your friends.

Everything too fast, don’t you think?

Keep in mind that this scares men and drives them away: you must go step by step so that the relationship grows.

7. Obsessing.
When will I meet someone? Why am I still single?

Your worries about being alone may be the main obstacle to just being alone.

Free yourself from that pressure, that love comes when you least expect it;).

It’s a worn phrase, but true.

Habits That Keep You Single

What else do you think can influence bad luck in love?

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