4 Things You Should Not Wear On The First DATE

I dare say that what you wear in front of the wardrobe with a face of desperation sounds louder than ever before on the eve of a first DATE.

If it's a problem to think about how to dress for your day to day, let's imagine what it's like before you meet the man you love!
We'll inform you this time what not to dress for this occasion: for a first DATE, it's a top 4 of prohibited garments.

Things You Should Not Wear On The First DATE

Let’s see:

Things You Should Not Wear On The First DATE

1. A tight and sexy dress.

What woman does not dream of playing the daring girl at least for a moment?
Women all love to see each other sexy but the first DATE is not the right occasion.
And that’s why this ranking starts with a resounding NO for tight dresses, low cut (either front or back) or deep cuts.
Maybe a dress like this will be spectacular and maybe even dressed like this is the dream come true of the man in question.
However, it is never good to be too revealing on the first DATE: instead of paying attention to the conversation the boy will be perplexed looking at your neckline or your legs.
In addition, you could give the image of “little serious girl”.
There will be an opportunity to wear that kind of clothes …
2. Miniskirts.
Following the previous example, let’s leave the miniskirts to go to the beach and never for a first DATE.
As much as he is interested in seeing your legs, believe me, that -in fact- if he is looking for a girlfriend or a stable partner in you, you will want to show them later when you have known each other enough.
If you show everything now … what will be left for later?

3. Glamorous heeled shoes.

Unless your first DATE is at a gala party or on the red carpet, it is not a good idea to wear these types of shoes.
You should never wear them on a first DATE simply because in moments of such anxiety and nerves as these you must be comfortable and relaxed with a shoe that gives you confidence when walking, and without risks of falling!
Keep in mind also the place where you will meet: it is more than clear that if, for example, you meet in the park, you can not wear this type of shoes in any way.

4. Sports set.

Well … This is the end!
It is true that many women are not interested in fashion, or to look feminine. But, even if you’re like this: would you meet the man of your life wearing the sports outfit you wear to the gym?
Put a little more desire! A first DATE is a special occasion, women take advantage of it to look beautiful and different.
These were my 4 prohibited items. And what you pledge would never use for a first DATE?

Sure there are many more to add!

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